Thursday, January 13, 2011

"A Tale of Two Speeches"

Since the moderators of the NY Times "Caucus" feature liked my comment enough to make it a highlighted comment in this article, I'm just going to repeat it word for word here today--it's #132 in the comments if you want to see what's being said there.

BTW, someone else in a comment yesterday at the Times summed up Sarah Palin's remarks most aptly:
"Todd, they're picking on me again!"

I have been angrier than I'd ever imagined I'd be about things that Barack Obama has done these last two years.

But last night, he said exactly the things I have been waiting for someone to say, about Christina Green, about what really matters.

I still want to see him do far,far more than he has done on the issues which made me his supporter in 2008. But last night, for the first time in a long time, I was again very proud that he is our President.

And my hope is that Sarah Palin's self-centered, vile, anti-Semitic posturings will soon be far away from anything we can consider to be serious politics in this country.


Vera said...

I don't know what Obama said, but I am glad he said something that made you proud of him. I can't say the same for our president, PNoy. And that is very very sad.

The Library Lady said...

I feel your pain, Vera. It was the same around here all 8 years when George W Bush was in office!