Saturday, February 05, 2011

Battery Free Books

There's a piece in the NY Times today about kids and e-readers and their growing popularity. Kirkus Reviews now has a section for picture book apps.

Day by day, I keep hearing that books will be replaced by e-books.

Perhaps. And as the long suffering wife of a book collector, I know that I would be delighted if his hundreds of big heavy books on everything from tofu to WWII atrocities could be compacted onto a hand held device or two that we could store on a small shelf. And then we could take all those bookcases out of our living/dining room and have some REAL furniture!

But to those who keep insisting that the children's book will go the way of the dodo, I say, pish and tosh!

You can interact with a child on your lap who is playing with an e-book or the like. But will their mind be boggled by the illustrations? Will you re-read your favorite parts together? Will you read it over and over again in a bedtime ritual?

We are tactile creatures, we humans. For all that we love our computers, they don't replace the feeling of a book, of turning the pages.

Of holding a child in your lap or in the crook of your arm and the two of you interacting with each other AND the book. No batteries needed.

So here for your consideration is a recent flyer I made with a list of 25 picture books that have needed neither bells nor whistles to entertain generations of kids and their grown-ups.
Read and enjoy. Repeat frequently.

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Saints and Spinners said...

Amen! Though after watching a baby gum my friend's phone, I did wonder when the iPhone was going to get a teething app....:)