Thursday, February 10, 2011


In the immortal words of many a Monty Python character: PISS OFF!

I am 9 months from being 50. I am 5 years and 9 months away from being 55.
And I am 15 years minimum, all things willing, from being anywhere near retirement age.

I don't want your discounts. I can get plenty of other ones that don't involve you.
I don't need your health care plan--thank heavens, I have Kaiser, and yours involves United Healthcare, one of the nastiest of the nasty health care monoliths out there.
I don't want "Modern Maturity" magazine.

I resent your lobbyists who grab for everything for seniors with both hands, not mindful that successive generations, including my own, are the ones who care for and support them.

I sent your card application thing back marked "REFUSED" and "Please take me off ALL mailing lists" and I meant it.

And the same goes for my 8 day younger husband.

Sincerely yours,
The Library Lady
(Who loves the seniors in her family but is nowhere near being one!)


Anonymous said...

They mailed something to Tony this month, too, although he is 46 and we both figure we will work until we die (assuming some day I will actually get hired again).

This weekend we went to a sporting goods store where the NRA was set up, offering a percentage off your purchases if you signed up. He told the guy, "i'd rather pay more."

More Americans need to pay attention to who and what is behind many of the things they accept and take for granted as part of the scenery. Good point.

The Library Lady said...

I was a devotee of Keith Olbermann's "Countdown" and look forward to his upcoming new show. He's done a lot on health care and on what the companies do, and the spotlight has often fallen on United Healthcare.

What I always found ironic, and downright arrogant though were that they were often a sponsor of his show! Don't know if he knew that. Certain if he did he wouldn't have cared....