Thursday, February 10, 2011

SIxteen Years Of Motherhood

SC turned 16 yesterday.
That's SIXTEEN. Really.

I meant to write a birthday post about it yesterday. But I was up at 7AM baking her cake. Then I went to work for the morning. I came home for the afternoon so I could frost her cake, and went out to get her a card and balloon. Next it was off to her school for some teacher conferences. And when I got home I made lumpia (Filipino egg rolls) and helped the Man make pancit (Filipino dish like lo mein).

Her boyfriend came over for dinner and birthday cake. And by the time all that was done and JR was in bed it was time for me to go to bed.
And the whole day was a microcosm of what parenthood has been like. What it is like.

Exhausting and nerve racking. Scary at times. Exhilarating at others.

Shocking to look at that tall girl and realize that I gave birth to her.

Sixteen years and counting.
The hardest job I have ever had.
And the best.


Anonymous said...

I wish SC a very happy birthday and a fantastic year.

You didn't say what kind of cake you made. (I will never forget the year my mother gave me a Suzy-q with a candle in it. My grandmother was visiting, and I expected something fancier. Though I did love Suzy-qs.)

It is a good thing life is long - you get time to get used to grown daughters. Gulp.

The Library Lady said...

It's "Grandma Eda's Cocoa Cake", a cake you can mix in about five minutes flat. Recipe going up on the food blog tonight or tomorrow.

Suzy-Qs are okay, but I prefer--and miss--Ring Dings and Yodels. Drake's is not available south of the Mason Dixon line. Oh, and Devil Dogs. Bought some at some point when we were on a trip north of home and the girls loved them.

I don't think I'll EVER get used to having a daughter as tall as I am. And JR promises to be TALLER!

Saints and Spinners said...

Happy birthday, SC! Mazel tov.