Friday, February 18, 2011

A Union Maid

I am NOT a union member. Haven't been one since I lived in NYC. And I have a pretty cynical view of unions from that experience.

But I am the granddaughter of union people. Know what the unions did for this country. Without them workers in this country wouldn't have a lot of the rights and protection that they'd enjoy.

If the unions went away, we wouldn't lose so many jobs to overseas companies. But the jobs would be just like those in countries like China. Dangerous working conditions, paltry wages, no benefits and no pensions.

But the people currently protesting in Madison, WI do the sort of jobs you CAN'T export. They are our teachers. Our firemen and policemen and our sanitation workers. Perhaps even our librarians.

And having been a public servant all my working life I can tell you that these folks are NOT making cushy wages!

So here's a song from the man who is always a voice for the people, Pete Seeger, along with Arlo Guthrie.

Stay strong Wisconsin workers.
And I just may have to make some campaign contributions to those Democratic senators. That is, if they're ever able to come out of hiding..........

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