Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dear Stupidest Mother I Have Ever Had At A Program

Look, lady, the reason I asked you and everyone else to turn off your cell phones during Mother Goose was so that they would not distract you from interacting with your kids.

Personally, I don't GET distracted doing Mother Goose. Heck, I can keep 2 little girls from pulling "Baby" off of my lap, sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" AND simultaneously be worrying about SC's geometry problems and what I need to buy at the store for dinner, all at the same time. I've done this a while, I'm good at it.

However, having cell phones beep, squawk, etc is annoying to everyone else. And having someone TEXT (as a nanny did last week) when you're supposed to be  interacting with your kids is counter to the point of the program. It's damned rude.
I'm going to be repeating that "shut off your phone" message at today's programs. I know folks use them for cameras, and I've put up with that. But that nanny doing that last week frosted me. Especially since her sweet little boy gets restless--who wouldn't when it's his SECOND program of the day after Gymboree. Sigh..........

And handing the phone to your kid, so she can turn it on, make it beep repeatedly, etc, instead of either letting her wander around the room (normal for one year olds) or trying to interact with her yourself, is ridiculous.

As for that crap after the program about "Well, I have 2 kids in school,", it's like I told you. So do I. And somehow, I've managed to get through 2 programs a morning most mornings without being called by their schools. If your kid is sick or something, either stay home, or stay somewhere else away from my program!

Frankly, if you never show up again, it would be too soon for me. After all, you're the same silly parent who told me you weren't borrowing books because you were afraid your 4 year old might rip them.

So you're not doing my circulation any good. And certainly not my blood pressure.

The Library Lady


De said...

this brings me back. So many times I'd attend an organized activity with other kids and mothers and the moms wanted to ignore their toddlers instead of interacting with them and enriching the experience. Play groups or park dates are the appropriate venues for the kids to play independently and give the parents a chance to talk.

(Although I also remember that I once got scolded by a performer during the summer program - he was doing a sing-along, and I wanted to sit there and read the book I was borrowing while my kids sat up front and enjoyed his show. I wished I had a sign on my forehead that said, "Dude, I've got enough of a headache. Can't I just sit quietly?")

Saints and Spinners said...

The lady who has two kids in school and therefore cannot bear to turn off her cell phone could do something very simple: put the phone on vibrate mode (or even better, silent mode) and stick it in her pocket. Her unease with turning off her phone is assuaged and you don't have to deal with it. I remember you saying that you are sensitive to high-pitched noises (I am too)... how about an announcement at the beginning where you say, "I have a medical condition that gets exacerbated by cell phones ringing." You don't have to say that the medical condition is that you will go CRAZY if you hear a phone, rip it out of the offending patron's hand, and then throw it out the window.

The Library Lady said...

De,I'm assuming your guys were too little to leave in a program w/o your being there. And you know I love you, but I got to say that I'm with the entertainer on this. One of the things that's the most infuriating when you're doing a program is having someone reading, texting or doing anything that seems to say "I'm bored and I don't want to be here."

Farrida, after having made my announcement yesterday I had the same nanny who was texting last week at a program texting again. So I just told my boss I am going hard line. The announcement is going to be "put your phone in your bag, and if I see it in use, I will ask you to leave the program. No photos, no nothing."

I have asked people to set them on vibrate and they still have them out and in use. And the point is that the phone shouldn't be in use. I really hate treating adults like kids at the high school, but there it is. Sigh....

WendyS said...

As a mother who used to take her little ones to programs, THANK YOU for taking a hard line. There was a nanny in our group who would talk softly into her Bluetooth, and it was so distracting and disrespectful. It's not fair to you or the other participants.