Thursday, March 03, 2011

Follow Up To Yesterday

Just think about this.

I was raised in a two parent house with a SAH mom who cooked dinner every night.

I've cooked all my adult life and I LIKE it.

I'm a educated type with a Master's degree and have plenty of access to information about nutrition--and the knowledge to sort fact from fiction.

I have a  full time job that pays decently-though contrary to popular belief, as a government worker, neither the Man nor I has a fabulous salary.

Speaking of the Man, I have a spouse who brings in a salary besides mine, who has always been an active partner in child care and does the dishes. Every night.

I have a car and access to some fabulous grocery stores and a great small farmer's market that is open on Sundays.

I garden--organically.

I have a  shelf full of cookbooks, a pantry stuffed with canned goods, a microwave, a slow cooker and stuff in the freezer.

And yet, after 3 days of programs and household matters, it's Thursday night, and I have no idea what we are having for dinner.

It's not going to be McDonalds--though it MIGHT be a sub from Wegman's. But that's not my point.

My point is, if with all the ways I am blessed I can still find it a struggle to cook and serve healthy dinners every night, what do you expect from the folks who DON'T have some of these things?


Saints and Spinners said...

I live in a part of the US that is abundant with local produce. Even in winter, I can get locally grown apples from the natural foods market, and I live less than a mile away from said market. There should be no reason why I wouldn't get my 5 fruits and veggies per day.... except that right now, they're quite expensive. I buy locally when I can, and not-so-locally when I can't.

The sugar-loaded oatmeal does peeve me. I'm glad that people can order it without all of the extra junk, but I wish McDonald's would use its power for good to help retrain taste-buds toward foods that aren't as sweet. Both McDonald's and Starbucks have made killings in the liquid sugar business, too.

De said...

Yesterday on the local radio station I listened to part of a discussion about hunger in CT - how many new applications for aid there are because of the current recession, how the system is a life saver and ways that it is abused or broken. Most of the callers were men, which I found interesting. Wish I hadn't had so many errands - I'm going to try to find it online today.