Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Goodbye February

This was a crappy winter for the snow loving section of my family--me included.

First, we left NYC Christmas night to avoid getting trapped in the oncoming storm, but got none of it for ourselves. This was followed by two months of watching our friends and family to the north get storm after storm when all we got was the accompanying cold air!

But if you can't have snow, make your own. Hence these little snow people, inspired by Lois Ehlert's fabulous book Snowballs, that have been decorating my big bulletin board this winter.

I made them by cutting styrofoam balls of various sizes in half. I discovered that a large bread knife someone had left in the drawer where we have our work sink worked perfectly as a saw. 

I had a box of weird craft things our director got us somewhere, and one was a bag of tiny little wire coils of different colors, seen here as tails, whiskers and the baby's hair. I also used yarn, foam shapes, chenille stems, buttons and pins. The kids have small ice cream wooden spoons for hands, and next year I'll use something for mom and dad--maybe craft sticks.

I'm sure that someone much craftier than me could have done far niftier folks. But I'm sure they wouldn't have had any more fun with this than I did!


enupoo said...

Come right here Library Lady and take my snow. Please. We still have a horrendous amount and back out my driveway is a nightmare.

The Library Lady said...

I've been offering to take it all winter. Just haven't figured out how to get that great big exhaust fan up to you... :D

De said...

Those are cute!

I was shocked when I turned the corner on a street I travel daily and actually saw...grass. Even though the temperatures haven't been great, the sun is definitely much stronger.

Mustn't get spring fever so early....

The Library Lady said...

Here the crocuses are appearing and the pollen count is rising.

I greet one with pleasure and the other with trepidation.