Friday, March 18, 2011


I had to drive JR and her fellow bus stopper to school this morning because their bus didn't show up.

I had a massive sinus headache that kept me from going to ballet, and despite caffeine, a hot shower and 3 ibuprofen is STILL with me.

My work computer has probably died and unless a miracle occurs, I will have lost 2 years worth of reports, forms, bibliographies, calendars and other signs of all kinds and music from the hard drive. And the hard drive I may have backed up my recent files on disappeared in my house and is probably gone forever. Meanwhile I am stuck working on an even slower computer on which I don't have the library circulation software and on which I don't have administrative rights so I can't even install my printer or other software that I use all the time.
Hopefully I will get that authority from our IT guy who has known me since he was a teenager and knows that I know what I am doing. As long as his boss doesn't find out (!)
The one bright thing is that I may get a new computer. My boss just did, and it sounds like the same thing as what happened with my computer!

The city recreation department director called and told me that I can't use the local park I wanted to move my summer program to. She's right, it IS too sunny there, but there's no other location in this side of town that she'll let me have. Apparently our waterfront is bustling constantly with weddings and ship arrivals even at 11 AM on a Wednesday morning in July. Yeah, right.....

I've done the park program for over 20 years. Love doing it. But it's at the other end of town where I USED to work. Most of the patrons at it in recent years have been families from this end of town. And I've had a lot fewer families, because so many of my patrons here are nannies without cars.  They walk here--would've walked to a waterfront park.

So I'm having to revamp my summer schedule. That park program will just have to move indoors here. Not as much fun. But I'll manage.

But this is NOT a good day.



De said...

I hope that some unexpected solution comes up for your summer program.

I've got that same exact headache. Right around the same minute that I noticed the trees behind our house were tipped with red buds, a headache descended upon me and has remained for the last 48 hours. I can't wait to go to bed tonight.

The Library Lady said...

We've got forsythia blooming here and trees budding. The old bastard Mr Pollen is back in town, but I don't want to take any antihistamines because my nose feels dried out enough already!