Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's NOT the Arroz Con Pollo

Seriously. It's delicious stuff, that recipe I posted yesterday on the cooking blog. Nothing wrong with it.

I mean, I know durn well that the reason SC is puking her sweet guts out this morning is the same stomach virus that I didn't mention here that I had myself Easter Sunday!
Lot of fun that, going out with our family to a lovely Brazilian restaurant with fabulous food, and suddenly feeling so sick I couldn't stay with everyone at the table. Luckily, the worst parts were kind enough to wait until some hours after I'd gotten home.....

It's a bug going around. One of my patrons told me her whole family had had something similar last week. I may have to look forward to JR having it in a few days, and perhaps even the Man, though in his case it's unlikely--nothing gets through the garlic in HIS system ;)
And I guess our trip to NY tomorrow to see my dad is going to have to be postponed. But better because we're sick than because HE is!

I've served arroz con pollo before in recent times and SC hasn't gotten sick. She's been fine.

But this is the second time she can remember getting sick after having eaten it. So, just as I associated hot dogs for years with a virus, I think arroz con pollo will remind her of this, and I may not be making it again for a while.

Not at least, till SC goes off to college.
Poor baby.............


De said...

Oh, too bad. I couldn't eat eggs for the longest time when I was a kid, and last night I had to pop an emergency pizza in the oven because I was dealing with- ugh - head lice, and my daughter freaked out because the last time we had pizza she got indigestion.

Hoping the rest of the family gets a pass, and sorry you have to reschedule your visit.

The Library Lady said...

Ick indeed on the head lice. Hope that gets resolved swiftly.

Food memories do stick with us. I guess it may date back to our primitive origins where we had a better sense of things not to eat because they were poisonous!