Saturday, April 23, 2011


Last year at his 89th birthday dinner.
Nine years ago today my dad had triple bypass surgery--done by THE Dr Oz himself, BTW.
He had aneurysm surgery 6 weeks later.

He has asthma and C.O.P.D.  He's had prostate issues in recent years. He's had pneumonia more times than I can count. He's not driving the car much, and he uses a cane outside the house sometimes, and oxygen inside.

But his mind is sharp and clear, and his wonderful sardonic sense of humor undiminished.

And today is his 90th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Daddy.
We love you--the Man, the girls and above all ME!
And we'll be there next week to celebrate...........


De said...

I hope he enjoys his day today, and I am sure he is looking forward to your visit as much you are. Have fun.

Saints and Spinners said...

Happy birthday to your dad! I'm so glad you have had his company in this world for such a long time (but never long enough).

MrsEdwardsBlogs said...

Mr. S...
Happy Birthday to you!

Love Beth
(the responsible one)

The Library Lady said...

It was my MOM you had fooled, Beth. Don't think my dad fell for it :D

enupoo said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad! Many more and good health!