Friday, April 01, 2011

TGI April

March is the longest month of the year. Always, especially when it's been cool and wet and gray most of the month.

I did 30 programs in March and they were largely a bitch because of senseless parents, nannies who text and poor hyperactive little boys who would much rather be playing somewhere than in story hour, but their parents/nannies bring them anyway.
BTW, I instituted (with my boss's blessing) my no cell phones AT ALL during programs. If I see a cell phone, I will ask them to leave. And I mean it!

And then there's home life--JR's back issue (pulled a muscle we think from an overloaded backpack), SC's school worries and the Man's Eeyore moods.  Plus fun with the joys of perimenopause--feh.

But it's April. I'm off from work. Went to ballet this morning and didn't have to stop like I did Monday when my sciatic nerve decided to speak up.

Came home with my crack of choice--Mocha Frappe from McDonald's--though without the whipped cream--and sat on the couch watching stuff from Netflix with the cats.

Going to have mussels with tomato sauce for lunch, take a shower and head out into the burbs for a shopping and the semi-annual kids consignment sale I consign to and shop it. Probably won't find much--SC is too old and JR has too much taste for what's sold there. But there's usually a goody or two.

The cherry blossoms are still at their peak, and the weather looks better for Sunday. We're going to take the girls, plus "Mr Wonderful"(SC's boyfriend) and go back to the Tidal Basin. SC and Mr Wonderful can go off on their own and JR may bring a friend.

The weather looks better for next week, and I'm hoping that what I planted in my garden is surviving the wet. Peas and onions and spinach!

And 2 weeks till Easter break!


De said...

Counting the days until that spring break here, too!

I love your background - I've missed seeing the cherry blossom photos this year, not being on facebook where my DC friends post.

Enjoy your time off - down throws on the couch with netflix has been my speed this week, too.

The Library Lady said...

Going to post a whole bunch of photos after we go Sunday. Posted JR's because it's so nice--thinking of making a card of it for my dad, or a blow up for a poster!