Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tina Fey CAN Juggle It All

Now don't get me wrong, I LIKE Tina Fey. Love, love, love her Sarah Palin lampoon. Have greatly enjoyed her recent New Yorker pieces.

But having written a piece about how she was agonizing over having a second child and now being 5 months pregnant, the NY Times had a piece written by Curtis Sittefield called "How DOES Tina Fey Juggle It All?"

And in the Motherlode column, you got someone (a guy) sneering about how having a nanny solves this and "being a full time mother is harder than having to juggle", and how his SAHM wife is so exhausted that he has to take care of the kids and never has down time.

Give me a break!

Tina Fey has a full time nanny. She also undoubtedly has a regular housecleaning service--if not a daily maid--hey, my lazy rich sister-in-law has one of those and doesn't work at ALL. She can pay someone to cook meals or to prepare them for her, or order takeout every night. She can get an assistant to run out and buy a gift from a birthday party. She can hire someone to do the shopping, plan a birthday party, anything else she needs to hand off to someone else.

So perhaps she can go to work, leave her child and take a "break" from being a parent.
But that's not the case for those of us who are real, ordinary working mothers. And here's my response:

My job may have given me a "break" from dealing with my own small kids, but instead I was doing (and still do) story hours for kids with their nannies and/or SAHMs, which isn't exactly restful, to say the least.

I spent my lunch breaks running errands, grocery shopping and doing other errands. I spent my evenings doing things that needed to be done long into the night. If the kids were sick, or restless, I was up with them just like any other mother.

I spent my weekends balancing caring for my kids and getting everything else done that a SAHM can do during the week.

The kids are 11 and 16 now and you know what? I'm still juggling their needs, running my household and holding down that full time job.

And I'm writing this on Sunday afternoon having spent my morning grocery shopping and errand running, with tons of laundries to do, a daughter to shuttle back from a date and dinner to think about. I still haven't eaten lunch yet and it's almost 3PM!

Time out? Tina Fey, with a full time nanny and all the household help she might need probably can squeeze one in. A REAL working mother? Not even a chance!


Saints and Spinners said...

For what it's worth, I "recommended" your comment.

De said...

You are so right.

Certainly a bit of variety in life is what helps us appreciate things, keeps us from being slaves to one thing or another and/or from losing our minds, but there is unmeasurable pressure when it is a "have to" situation such as that of the average working mother you are and refer to.