Saturday, May 28, 2011

Aloha For Nanay

Three years ago when Nanay, my mother-in-law died we had pink roses at her funeral because she loved them.

That summer on her birthday the 4 of us planted a pink tea rose bush near our front door.

The first year, it only had one or two roses.
Last year, it had 3 or 4--we cut one and brought it up to my mother at Mother's Day.

This spring, I cut the plant way back. I've given it feedings of the castings from my worm box.

And it grew. And it grew. And many roses began to bud on it.

They are not long stemmed. They are growing clusters. A lot of them have bloomed over the last week or so.

Yesterday, before we left for NY, I cut one that was just opening and a bud or two.
And today, at Nanay's memorial Mass, I gave them to my sister in law, Nanay's daughter, in a small lapel pin vase.

Her name, appropriately enough, is Roseanna.

And the name of the flower is "Aloha"

Which means "hello", "goodbye" and above all "I love you".

Love you, Nanay. Miss you.


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