Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Mother

This picture was taken in 1974. I was about JR's age.

And I know that my mother loved me then and loves me now with the same intense, all encompassing love that I have for SC and JR.

It's why no matter how much she infuriates me--and she does--I can never get that angry with my mother any more.

And my wish on today, her 79th birthday, is that I can be as good and loving a mother to my girls as she has always been to me.
Less infuriating perhaps. :D   But just as loving...............


Magpie said...

Sweet picture. Happy birthday, Mom o' Library Lady!

De said...

It's nice to be at that point where you don't get angry at them any more, even though they're still (a bit) infuriating.

Wonder when or if that happens with kids??

Hope she has a great day and visit when you go.