Thursday, May 05, 2011

"Here Comes The Sun"

Today is the first day in a week that I have been to work for a full day.
It's the first time in a week I'm not trying to figure out what to feed a kid who won't eat, or watching a thermometer.

JR had a sinus infection and Monday we visited the pediatrician who is very nice, whom the girls think of as "the doctor in the tight pants". His selection for the day was a spiffy black leather pair!

Now on antibiotics, a steroid nasal spray and antihistamines, JR is back in school.

That same morning SC apparently had a recurrence of the stomach bug. This time it was diarrhea (sorry) and she stopped eating for several days. I spent Tuesday spooning yogurt and other such into her. She kept complaining that everything tasted wrong, that she felt full after a few bites and that she wasn't hungry. Finally, yesterday afternoon, her appetite began to return.

I made her get dressed and after we picked JR up at school we went on a short errand to buy Mother's Day cards. Just going somewhere with my 2 recovering girls made my day.

This morning I made 2 lunches, waited with JR for her bus, drove SC to school and went to work.Normalcy.


I stopped for my favorite addiction, a McDonald's Mocha Frappe w/o the whipped cream. In the car I played this song. I love the George Harrison original. but I discovered this on a CD donated to the library and I may love it even more.

And the sun shone.

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