Monday, May 02, 2011

Nine Years Too Many

I'm sorry, but I can't jump up and down and wave a flag over the killing of Osama bin Laden and chant "USA" as if I'm at a ball game.

In fact, I find the crowds out "celebrating" as offensive as they (or rather mostly their parents) did when they saw Palestinians cheering in TV footage after 9-11.

Osama bin Laden was evil incarnate. I'm not sorry he's gone. I've got full, sharp memories of 9-11 that I've talked about before and won't go into now.

He was the architect of that day. He deserved to pay for it.

But 9 years after the fact he was an old man who from what I've been reading has been little more than a symbol in recent years. He was no longer running the show.

A new generation of terrorists has arisen. And they haven't been extinguished.

And the last 9 years in Iraq, in Afghanistan, the entire Bush show that began on September 12,2010 and sadly in large part is still in play 2 years after Obama took office, has done nothing but fuel their cause. It has fed the hatred of millions. It has been a recruiting tool.

It's 9 years too late to have the death of bin Laden mean a lot in the long run.
It's 9 years of the deaths of too many innocent civilians and too many young American soldiers.
It's 9 years of fueling wars that have wrecked our economy and taken us from a nation united on September 12,2001 to a nation where the sort of vile hatred that fuels groups like AlQaeda thrive on the evening's cable news.

They can scream "USA" and wave those flags again.
But I suspect that in whatever hell he has entered, bin Laden may be laughing right now....

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De said...

Exactly. All of it.