Monday, May 23, 2011

A Successful Birth= Healthy Mother + Healthy Baby.

JR, my darling younger daughter, is 12 years old today, so it's always the day I think a lot about my experiences in childbirth. And a recent incident in my area makes me think about it all the more today.

A woman in her early 40s, having her first child, insisted on a home birth. The local midwives licensed to practice in Virginia refused to take her case--the baby was in breech position. But Karen Carr, a Maryland midwife NOT licensed to practice in Virginia did agree to deliver her.

The baby died, and prosecutors felt that Carr had waited too long to get help and charged her with child endangerment.  And though I know they would never have done it, they could have charged the mother, because she is guilty of the same crime.

Childbirth is not, not, NOT about your "birth plan". It's not about whether you have a home birth or a hospital birth, about whether you're induced or go into labor on your own, have 36 hours of drug free labor or an epidural early in, whether you have a vaginal birth or a c-section.

It's about a healthy baby and a healthy mother.

Yes, women gave birth "naturally" for many millennium. Yes, women didn't have hospitals or medications and somehow they gave birth.

And a lot of them died. And a lot of babies died.

Carr says "“When you work with birth, you’re going to run into death.It’s just inevitable.”

True. But it didn't have to be so in this case.

I've had a c-section. I've done a VBAC. And both births were a "success", because SC and JR were healthy babies, and I was fine.

Sixteen/twelve years later, that's all that matters..............

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