Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Third Time Will NOT Be The Charm For Harold Camping. But It Might Help Him Rake In More Earthly Wealth

Harold Camping, the shyster who has unsuccessfully predicted the Apocalypse twice, and managed in the process to create a radio network that has made a whole lot of money ($114 million just in assets)has come out with an excuse for why we're all here on May 24, 2011--he miscalculated(!)

May 21 was a silent judgement day of some kind, and the real Apocalypse is coming on October 21.

I don't know who should be going after Camping. Perhaps the IRS as he claims to be a non-profit. Perhaps the FCC, though he probably has the right to pollute the airwaves and scare millions with his mishegosse.
But if nothing else, it is my sincere hope--probably in vain, for the same folks who follow Camping are the same poor sad folk who believe the Tea Party liars--that folks will recall the immortal words of Lt Commander Montgomery Scott of the USS Enterprise:



playwrighter said...

What's wrong with camping? Lots of people go camping. And what's Star Trek go to do with camping?

The Library Lady said...

Didn't you see Star Trek V when Kirk/Spock/McCoy camp in the woods, roast marshmallows and sing "Row Row Your Boat?"

Neither did I. It was probably the worst Trek movie ever made. I'd far prefer to just watch "The Trouble With Tribbles Again".

Oh, and try proofing your comments it's "GOT to do with it", not "GO to do with it".