Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Todd Palin's Hands

The office nebbish, who I have mentioned in the past has obsessions. One of his current ones is 60s era Schwinn bikes. He'll save money by not ordering a soda in a restaurant, but he'll drop a grand on a Stingray bike with a banana seat that looks much like the one my best friend was riding in 1970.  He'svery tall and these bikes are small, so the effect is absurd, especially since he likes to (really) wear an old bike patrol sash and he's well past 50.

I bring this up because he told me this morning that he rode across to DC yesterday where they were having the "Rolling Thunder" motorcycle rally.  It's to honor veterans and promote veterans/POW/MIA issues, so it's a good cause, but it's also a freaking nuisance, because it ties up traffic all over our area--motorcycles everywhere.

So anyway, Nebbish rides his bike into DC and parks at a staging area and who should pull up but the former half-governor of Alaska-- Sarah "Ignoramous" Palin and her family and entourage.

Now Nebbish is even more of a Democrat than I am--attends lots of local events, is often at Democratic headquarters on Election Night,etc. But he's also impressed by celebrity. So he was delighted to tell me that he'd spoken to Todd Palin, who'd liked his bike (probably wanted it for one of his KIDS) and that he'd shaken his hand.

I was grossed out by the whole thing--if you've read this you know I despise Sarah Palin and all that she stands for. And I was later talking about this with the circulation manager and the manager of our Local History division--who goes right up there with my brother-in-laws in my esteem and affection.

"I wouldn't have shaken his hand--or if I had, I'd have spat in mine first," I said vehemently.

George just looked at me and shook his head.
"I wouldn't have touched his hand at all,"he said in his deadpan way. "Think of where it's BEEN....."

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