Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Dear Garlic Thief

I don't know who you are. My guess is that you are someone who knows what fresh garlic looks like growing because you passed by all my neighbors neat rows of onions. Or perhaps you thought they were onions but figured that it would be less noticeable to pull a dozen from my raised bed rather than from someone's neat rows.

All I know is that I went out to water my garden this AM and found 12 of my lovely garlic plants missing.

This wasn't just store bought sort of garlic. This was Nootka Rose garlic. My husband's favorite garlic, the sort that cost $10-20 a pound plus shipping to get him from garlic growers in the west. Special organic garlic that I'd carefully soaked overnight in baking soda and water (kills parasites), dipped in alcohol (disease prevention) and frozen my fingers of digging into my garden last fall. Garlic that I'd rejoiced to see sprouting this March. That I'd watched proudly all spring, promising my husband weeks of garlic feasts all fall.

And to add insult to injury, the garlic you took wasn't even ready to harvest yet. Probably won't be for a month or even more!

Here's hoping there's enough sun in my backyard to grow successful garlic. Because I am going to set up some growbags or a planting trough and planting them there next week where they are safe from people like you.

I've gardened 20 years in that garden. I hate to think I'm now going to have to worry about losing my produce to pond scum like you.

But now I am.

The Library Lady


De said...

Truly terrible. So sorry - hope it was a one-time aberration. I wonder if anyone saw anything?

Magpie said...


Saints and Spinners said...

I feel your ire, and share it.

I've had furry animals steal my produce, but never humans. Grrf.

It came from the west, you say? Let me know if I can be of help in replacing it.