Thursday, June 30, 2011

End of Month Roundup

Since I haven't posted much recently--though lord knows if anyone's reading it:

SC: Managed to pass her Geometry SOL and therefore passed Geometry--with a D, but she's done with that horror. A tiny bit of me regrets her success in that her teacher gets the credit for it. Her other grades were none to impressive, but I have high hopes that her junior year will be better.

She danced beautifully at the ballet recital--her boyfriend came to see her dance! I'll probably post the footage one of these days-those of you who know me via Facebook have already seen it.

She's working with my friend Lynne at ballet camp. She has a real knack with the little ones--we both think she's got potential to be a teacher, poor girl :/

The Man
: Goes up and down temper wise. Last Sunday he took his bike out on a 35 mile ride, came home pooped (won't admit that) and with knee and elbow bleeding from a tumble. He ended up staying home Monday to recuperate, but is planning an even longer ride one of these days. It's good for his mood and his weight so I'm all for it.

JR: Got braces 2 weeks ago and has adjusted well--we'll see when she gets to the rubber bands. She got a hold of my mother's old guitar that I had in my office that needs new strings and tuning but is attempting to play it. Won't take lessons, I'm betting. She is not in camp--refused to go and is beginning to get testy from boredom, but I'm not going to be sympathetic. She still has had a social life though--several sleepovers and a trip with her best friend to a water park. She's talking about joining the Girl Scouts in the fall, mainly I think because it's the only way to see her best friend on a regular basis.

AND she may have hives again--though I'm hoping it's bug bites. Sigh...

Me: Summer reading is in full swing and I'm busy with programs. My gardens are all flourishing and one day soon I'll post pictures. I'm missing ballet and fighting to make Weight Watchers work--the Points Plus thing frustrates me. And I am trying to deal with my medical fears. I went for blood work 2 weeks ago and am assuming no news from my doctor means things are okay. On to my next feared thing--a mammogram.

I am trying to plan a long road trip to Montreal, then to visit my friend Beth in upstate New York and my poor brother-in-law in exile in Buffalo before heading home. We'll see if this happens--first thing we need to do is spend a ridiculous amount of money to get expedited passports!

And if you've never tried my mom's "fruit tart" recipe, head to The Library Lady Cooks and try it with some of the peaches, blueberries and other seasonal fruits!

Today is my parents' 51st wedding anniversary, by the way. My dad just had another bout with pneumonia but he's keeping on keeping on and they are talking about spending August at my brother's Pennsylvania summer house. The girls may get to spend time with them there--we're hoping so.

That's June for us. And what's going on at your house?


MrsEdwardsBlogs said...

I really hope you make it up this way. I miss you!

Don said...

We are still reading, but you may want to come to to get seen again. ;)