Monday, June 20, 2011

Walmart Ladies, You May Have Helped Bring This On Yourself

I would really like to know how many of the Walmart employees whose attempt to file a class action lawsuit was just shot down by the Supreme Court voted Republican in 2000?

How many of them voted Republican in 2004?

How many of them drank the Tea Party's KoolAid and voted Republican last fall?

If they did, they helped bring on what happened today.

They helped allow Bush II and his puppet masters to load the Supreme Court with pro-big business, anti-Union judges.

They helped allow people get elected to the Senate, to the Congress, to the state governor's houses and to their local legislatures that are pro-big business, anti-union.

What happened today will keep happening until people wake up from their reality TV dazes, from the garbage we get from Faux News, from the lies on the Internet and realize that their government is being used to take away their rights instead of to protect them.

I only hope it happens before it's too late.
I only hope it happens before November 2012.

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De said...

Keeping a close eye on politics is like swimming in the ocean: it's exhilarating at first, but rife with seen and unseen danger. Overwhelming in its vastness.