Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Different Verse, Same As the First: Annual Summer Rant

Dear Patrons:

When the flyers, signs, etc all say "Ages 2 and Up", that does NOT mean "That means everyone but YOU, because YOUR child is the exception to all rules".
Especially when your toddler is totally indifferent to all programs and will spend his/her time either running around the room or wailing.

Those long aisles full of books are there so people can look at--and perhaps even BORROW(!) books. They are not there to entertain said toddlers as they run madly about, knocking down books throughout as they go.
And those books actually belong in certain, exact places on the shelf. Sticking them in randomly is no better and perhaps even worse than just leaving them there--though I know you'll do that too.

Those pretty blue boxes on the shelves--the ones that say in English and Spanish "This is NOT a toy!"?
They aren't toys--they're there because you keep letting your kids stick books randomly at the end of aisles.
That's why they also say "Please don't put books here". While I prefer this to your other habits of either leaving the books on top of shelves or leaving them on the floor and allowing your toddlers to step on them, I still have to clean them up. And put the blue boxes back after you've allowed your toddler to play with them.

And that purple truck? That's where the books go. Don't tell me you don't know that, because I've said it at the end of every program. Or are you too busy texting your friends on your blasted IPhone that I've asked you to turn off during programs to hear me?

You come early, let the kids run amok, ignore them during the programs and then let them run amok again. And then you leave without a single damn book.

You're doing nothing for my circulation--book circulation that is, or for that matter for my blood pressure.

So don't whine and bitch because I'm not doing programs after Thursday.
After 6 weeks of you and your kids, I need a vacation.
A looong vacation.

The Library Lady

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