Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Our" Beach House

It's not really ours, but with a few exceptions we've stayed there year after year.

It's one of a group of 3 houses behind the larger house belonging to the folks who own them along with a motel up the street. They're close together, but since we go late in the season, it's always felt private.

There's the living room side of the main room with the sofa bed where first SC and later JR and SC slept together. The first few years there JR slept in a portable crib nearby. I remember the year she was 2, and with SC's help climbed out with a loaded diaper--what a job it was cleaning up the carpet! And the year she was 3, ran a high fever and  lay there listening over and over again to her favorite "Wiggles" CD.

This picture is from August 2006--SC is 11 & JR is 7!
Then the rest of the room--the dining/kitchen part, with the breakfast bar counter with the sink built into it. We've taken pictures of the girls eating at the counter every year we've been there. The tiny kitchen part where the counter is crammed with all our supplies--no cupboards, and the mix and match plates and cutlery. Some of it is ours--we've bought pieces as needed and left them right there. And the glass topped table in the corner near  the sliding glass door that leads to the tiny back deck. I've sat at that table countless times, eating bulgogi we'd made on the grill in the back, or feasting on Greek salads full of our homegrown tomatoes...

The one small bedroom with the shabby wicker furniture, the hard mattress on the bed, and the high ceiling with the fan that squeaks now and then. Since the girls are sleeping in the living room, the Man can't stay in there on the computer till all hours, and we spend time in there watching bad movies on TV, or DVDs on my computer. And on hot afternoons after a morning at the beach, I've curled up there reading or taking a luxurious, guilt free nap...

We've loved our house, but in recent years it's been harder to stay there. The sofa bed is uncomfortable for the girls--it's old and needs replacing and I know that the owners can't afford to do it. The togetherness of the house is lovely--but the girls are getting older. They need more privacy.

So we tried renting another house elsewhere last summer and it didn't work. And even if it had been nicer--I was homesick for "my" little house. I really, really, want to go there in August.

But instead, I've just called to reserve another house right down the block. Same owners. Similar decor. But 3 bedrooms and a porch for the Man to store his bike on if it rains. Right down the street from the motel pool if the girls want to go on hot days. Same neighborhood where the little island supermarket is 5 mins away and we can walk right into town.

It looks nice. I'm pretty sure we'll be fine there. I know that the girls having separate spaces will have definite advantages and that we will have PLENTY of togetherness next week on our Canadian road trip adventure.

I keep reminding myself that 2 years from now SC will be getting ready either to go away to college or to start classes locally in late August. That the days of these lovely, last week of August vacations are nearly over and that change is inevitable. 

But I will go by "our" little house and miss it.
And sometimes, change sucks...

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De said...

Sounds perfect for vacations. For a number of years, my parents rented a rambling farmhouse at Cape Cod from a man my father knew. It had room after room that could sleep all of us and our various friends we brought along, as well as a big grassy yard - and they allowed our dogs. Over the years it got more and more crowded with the owners' stuff, to the point where it looked a bit like a home on an episode of "Hoarders" and they couldn't rent it out anymore. It was sad.