Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wackjob Mother of the Month

The mom in question and I were having a conversation about her 7 year old, who is reading (ugh) the Babysitter's Club and how she's not as ADVANCED a reader as mom is. Mom made sure to tell me how she'd graduated from high school at 13 and has a PhD in Economics, ad nauseum. None of which impressed me at all.

We were talking about how much more there is to it than just reading level. How reading a book involves cultural literacy, emotional development, etcetera.
Which gave ME a chance to tell her I was reading at 3 and had gone off the reading level scale at 9 or 10. As I said, I'm not impressed by other people telling me how erudite they are. I've known too many people who were much smarter than me--went to a whole high school of them. And no one bragged about their test scores or their IQs, believe me!

"The thing with younger girls reading in the Young Adult section is that they get exposed to a lot of stuff their moms would probably NOT want to start discussing with them. Though from what you've said, your daughter isn't into the girly things--she probably wouldn't like all that boy/girl kissy-kissy stuff," I said.

"Oh, she LIKES that," said Genius Mom, who proceeded to tell me about her daughter's "boyfriend". Which would have made me shrug if she hadn't then come up with:

"And she likes to watch the "Twilighlight" movie and she keeps rewinding back to the part where they're kissing and to where the guy--I don't remember his name--has his shirt off," she said. "But it's just curiousity, I guess."

Which is when I made to end this conversation as quickly as I could and disappeared into the back as fast as I could before I exploded over the fact that "Twilight" is incredibly bad fiction, incredibly bad as a film and INCREDIBLY  inappropriate in any way, shape or form for a 7 year old girl!

And I was still shaking my head over this parent when a short time ago our reference librarian came in to report with amusement that this same parent had come over to the circulation desk when I was doing story time this morning and asked if it was a "religious program". Apparently because I'd been singing my usual ending song "Teddy Bear" and she'd heard me sing the line "Teddy bear, teddy bear, say your prayers"


Like I said. Whackjob Mother of the Month. Perhaps the year.


Life Line said...

You got a good point their Library Lady....

De said...

Poor child.

Saints and Spinners said...

Ho boy. Oh my.