Sunday, August 28, 2011

Goodnight, Irene

Hurricane Irene brought us tropical storm conditions with 12 hours of pounding rain and winds that got up to nearly 60 MPH late at night.

The Man did a 12 hour shift, drove home just when things were really getting bad, and didn't know why I'd been worried at all. Grrr....

I spent the day cooking--spaghetti sauce, french bread with the cool new perforated pan I bought at King Arthur Flour in Vermont (more on that on the cooking blog when I can get to it) and a Nigella Lawson chicken with garlic and lemon recipe for when the Man got home.

Sometime in the early evening a large limb from the cursed silver maple in our backyard--a 60 year old tree that has made our patio unusable by its roots pushing up the bricks--came tumbling down on our next door neighbor's side of the patio. They fled with their 1 year old to a hotel for the night, but we stayed on, and SC didn't even move out of her room for the night.  We all slept despite the wind and the power stayed on--our power lines are underground and even when other neighborhoods here lose power, ours tends to stay on.

We woke this morning to the sun struggling to come out, leaves and debris everywhere. When we went outside we could see that up the path behind the house was another tree that had been very badly damaged. We learned it had crashed against a unit on the side of a building and that both doors were blocked. The owner crawled in a window to rescue her dog, and both were unharmed.

Another large branch of the silver maple was hanging down, and the tree guys put up yellow tape. Later they came back and pulled the branch down. This one crashed promptly onto our patio, but it did no damage and was smaller than the first branch.

I was delighted to learn that there was minor damage on Chincoteague, and that the causeway to the island had reopened. By afternoon I had reached the owners of the motel from whom we rent our vacation houses and was told all was fine and the power was on.

So I have been grocery shopping, we are packing tonight and tomorrow we are off to the beach!

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