Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene Is Coming, So We're Not Going. Not Yet At Least.

I should be getting ready to go home and pack for our week on Chincoteague,but instead I took the morning off and refilled our fridge with the groceries we need for the weekend and perhaps beyond.
Plus flashlights, because Dominion Power is much better than those morons at Pepco in Maryland, and our side of the neighborhood never seems to lose power. We were fine during Hurricane Isabel in 2004 and during 2010's snowstorms. But you never know.

I should be getting ready to carry out my master plan to get the Man moving early in the morning to pack my car so that he can pack his and go off scrounging at bookstores, yard sales and god-knows-what-else from Annapolis to Salisbury and beyond.

Instead I am helping him figure out what food to take to work tomorrow, because he has been called in for a 12 hour shift on a Saturday. And thinking that if it's as bad as it's supposed to be tomorrow night that I am going to urge him to stay in a hotel and not try to drive home after work.

Instead of nagging my kids to do their laundry and pack today, I am telling them to make sure the batteries on their computers are charged in case the power does go out for a while.

Instead of talking to my parents about our vacation plans I have been reassuring them that we're fine and rejoicing that they are in Pennsylvania at my brother's house, away from NY and the storm track
My brother and family had to leave the Jersey shore and are now heading to join my parents. Nice for my parents to actually see the kids for more than an hour or two, but not terribly restful for them having that locust tribe in the house!

Instead of dreaming about time on the beach, I am wondering if the beach will BE there after the storm. If the power will go out and how long it will be until it's restored and the restaurants, the ice cream place and the rest will be able to re-open. If  the house we are renting will be damaged in the storm. If the other homes and stores, all the places we know on the island we love will be okay.

IF we will be able to get to Chincoteague at all next week and at least have a few days of our vacation.

And all we can do now is watch and wait.

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Saints and Spinners said...

I am glad you are all okay (I see your Twitter feed).