Thursday, August 04, 2011

Road Trip 2011

Been to Rome,NY via an ultra long trip through the mountains of PA (don't ask) to visit my dearest friend/almost sister and family, to Niagara Falls,NY where my brother-in-law and his girlfriend treated us to a stay in a fancy hotel/casino, into Canada all the way around Lake Ontario and now to Montreal. Saturday we will head back into the US with a quick stop into Vermont and an overnight stop in my old stomping grounds in Albany. Finally Sunday we head for Lancaster PA so we can stock up on PA Dutch groceries and stay at one of our favorite hotels before the final leg home on Monday.

Having a wonderful time, but Internet service has been iffy and I can't use my wonderful Droid 2 phone (JR calls it "Mom's new best friend" for much in Canada, so blogging hasn't been an option.  But as you'll be able to see from a few photos--we're having a great time:

Lots more when we get back-A Bientot!-

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