Tuesday, September 06, 2011


We came home from Chincoteague on Sunday, having stayed an extra day which was well worth it. After having to wait to get to the parking lot (normally there are almost 900 spaces, and now there are just 350 cleared!) we were able to spend a glorious 4 hours on the sunny beach. We brought in breakfast and ate an improvised lunch from various leftovers packed for the journey home. Then it was one last ice cream at the Island Creamery, a stop to buy Eastern Shore produce and frozen soft shell crabs. Two hours later, we were home.

Monday was gray and gloomy. Went to deal with my garden, where my tomatoes actually look a lot better than those of "Perfect Amber" the master gardener in the plot next to me. Not many to pick, but hopefully more before frost sets in. Beans have fallen prey to beetles again, and my huge cosmos plant got knocked over in Hurricane Irene, but there was basil to pick and some mini pumpkins. Then it was off to shop and restock. School lunches ahead and earlier dinners. Back to the usual school schedule, including earlier bedtimes for us all. I expected that this morning would bring something like this at my house:

But surprise, surprise, they both got up without a fuss. In fact JR got up before I could wake her!
Her bus came on time. Same driver as last year, so no route home worries for this afternoon.

Drove SC to school. The little girl I remember dropping at kindergarten with a green cast on her leg is now a junior in high school and as tall as me. Maybe taller.

Drove home. Drove to work. Trying to get ready for programs in 2 weeks. Trying to move into the fall routine.

It's gray and gloomy and raining. Supposed to rain all week.
Already, summer is beginning to feel far, far, away

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