Saturday, September 03, 2011

Still At the Beach

Hurricane Irene didn't do major damage here on Chincoteague, but she washed 18 inches worth of sand on Assateague Island's beach parking lots, the bitch.

Tuesday only the Man got to the beach, via his bike. But Wednesday-Friday, thanks to the wonderful folk from the Chincoteague Natural History Association, there were shuttle buses running along the "Wildlife Loop", leaving you just a 1/2 mile walk from the beach. So we had to carry a minimum, but SC, JR and I got there too.

It was a different beach really, but you could walk a bit and get plenty of privacy. The shelling has been incredible--all kinds of things washed up from the storm. More on all that later.

The house? Meh? More on that later too, save to say that I am DETERMINED to go back to "my house" for what will probably be our last late summer visit here for a bit. SC will be in college in 2013, and that will mean this week will no longer be free for us all.

We couldn't keep the house through the weekend, so the motel owners gave us a one room efficiency, which is sufficient for our needs today and tonight. And they gave us the keys YESTERDAY, we were able to shift our stuff here first thing this morning. Tomorrow (Sunday) we will have to head back home, but we've gotten some beach time and hope to get some more this afternoon and tomorrow morning. Not this morning though. The parking lot has reopened, but only with 350 of the 850 spaces, and when I went over this AM it was full already. Grr....

But we've had seafood galore, a fabulous sunset cruise (more on that later too) on the water, some nice beach time and one of our family favorite things, a walk on the beach around sunset.

And did I mention ICE CREAM? And more ICE CREAM?

And more tonight!

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