Thursday, September 29, 2011

This Morning, All Before 9 AM

I woke at 7, ready to get SC up to go in to school early to take a quiz she's missing for a field trip, to get JR ready for the bus stop, to make lunches and to put a batch of challah rolls in the oven to take to work since it's Rosh Hashohna today.

And heard my glasses drop off my nightstand.

I am nearsighted. My papa is an optometrist, so he caught the problem when I was 7 or so and I have worn glasses since. And for the last year or so I've worn progressive lenses, mainly because the distance correction is so strong it screws up my close vision. Which is still pretty good.

But the upshot of it is that I cannot function without my glasses for long. And I couldn't find them!

I looked under the bed. In the bed. Under my nightstand and behind it and to the side of it, which meant pulling out a lot of stuff that has fallen behind or to the side, since I've been meaning to clean things up for weeks. I looked in my tissue box and my shoes. I looked around the storage boxes under the bed. Nothing.

I was in tears. The Man hadn't left for work yet, so I grabbed my old glasses,woke the girls, went downstairs to make lunches and drafted him into taking SC to school. The old glasses were making my head hurt, but I managed the lunches and went back upstairs to look some more, while JR ate breakfast.

I grabbed a flashlight and looked under the bed and FINALLY found them. They must have fallen onto the storage box and slid behind when I was moving the box to look for them!

They were under the Man's side of the bed and since he's got his side blocked with tons of crap (mostly stacks of books), I had to wiggle under the bed to get them. But I got them.

I got JR off to her bus. I put the challah dough into the muffin tins, brushed them with egg, got them in the oven. I went upstairs while they baked, thinking I'd grab a fast shower.

And no sooner did I have my clothes off than my wonderful cleaning team arrived--EARLY!

So I didn't get my shower. I had to rush around getting dressed and being underfoot while they tried to clean the kitchen. And they needed to clean the stove, but it was hot from the oven (!)

I pulled the hot rolls out of the oven, wrapped the whole pan in foil, put it in my thermal bag and scooted out for work.

On the bright side, my house is clean. The girls got to school. And everyone loved the rolls--recipe is on the cooking blog.

And my nightstand area is a whole lot cleaner. And it's going to stay that way.
Because I really, really, REALLY need my glasses in the morning!


enupoo said...

Hey, optometrist's daughter - spare pair? Because, once day, if you are anything like me, you will knock 'em off your nightstand.... and step on 'em.....

Glad you found them!

The Library Lady said...

I have never stepped on a pair yet, but I probably should take the pair with the old lenses and get new ones at Costco.Damned prescription (with progressives and photo-sensitive lenses) costs a bundle and I was spoiled rotten getting my glasses from Dad.

Come to think of it,need to check and see when I'm due for a checkup. But not till spring, I think!

enupoo said...

Hear ya about the cost of progressive. But seeing is a wonderful thing!