Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thou Shalt Not Kill

Lawrence Russell Brewer was a white supremacist pig who killed an African American man by dragging him to death behind his truck.

Troy Davis was an African American man convicted--perhaps wrongfully--of killing a Georgia policeman.

Both of them were executed yesterday. And the Governor of Georgia may, like the a-hole Governor of Tex-ass, sleep peacefully over the decision. But neither should if they're the "Christians" they pretend to be.

Lawrence Brewer was clearly scum, and I don't know who Troy Davis was 20 years ago before he went to prison, but they were both human beings and I don't believe we have the right to put another human being to death. 

Now don't mix this up with the abortion issue either.A fetus is not self sustaining. An adult man is.
As the incredible Queen of Spain tweeted today:"For people working so very hard to protect the unborn, there sure don't seem to be many working to protect potentially innocent adults"

I would far rather have seen Lawrence Brewer spend a long and miserable life rotting in a max security prison with no hope of parole. If there was the single shred of doubt about Troy Davis's guilt and he was still in prison, there would be a chance that justice might be done. Now that's gone.

Sleep soundly, Governors.
But please--and that especially applies to you, Governor Perry--stop pretending to be "Christians" and go back and read those Commandments from the book you and your fellow travelers use as an excuse for every action you take.

One of them reads "Thou Shalt Not Kill".


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MrsEdwardsBlogs said...

Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord. Last I knew, neither of those governors were the Almighty.

The Library Lady said...

These are the sort of folks though who think that they have a personal line to the Almighty. Wish they'd give me that number--or email. I've got some things I'd like to bring up with whoever's upstairs...