Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Training" For What?

Long ago,w hen I was a flat chested tween and teen (until I was about 15) a "training bra" was an unlined, basic bra worn by girls who were amidst girls old enough to need a bra, but not really needing it themselves. I wore one in gym to spare myself taunting and that was about it.

Walk into Target, or Walmart, or wherever these days and what do you see?

Padded bras for kids barely out of playing with Barbies. Underwire bras. Fricking underwire bras for girls who have no breasts that need support.  Hell, there are probably "Barbie" brand underwire bras!

After 2 kids I am a 38C and the "girls" are not the sort you achieve with silicone for showgirl purposes.

More like the old lady who wanted to commit suicide, was told by her dr that her heart was "just below her left breast and shot herself in the left knee(!)

I could use an underwire bra. But because I regard them as the 21st century equivalent of a whalebone corset, because I can't move and breathe comfortably in one, I don't wear them. And again, I am a grown woman!

It boggles me that there are moms out there who want their 12 year olds wearing one of those things.
It disturbs me that there is lingerie out there for tweens that looks like what their older sisters and mothers would buy at Victoria's Secret.

There's every chance that JR will one day have enough breasts to want the support of an underwire bra. And if she does, fine with me if she wears one.

But until then, what we call her "developments" (family joke) can get plenty of support from a plain sports bra or an unlined basic bralet.

That is, if I can find them amidst the crap in the girls underwear department...........

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De said...

Amen, sister! I've gone through the same physical metamorphosis as you. This year, I finally decided to buy a number of new bras, only when they arrived in the mail I had to give them a drawer of their own because there is so much fabric involved!!!

Try googling "sleeping bra." I had something called that once.