Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dear Target: Halloween Programs Day 3

Dear Target,

Today, my last day of Halloween programs I had planned on varying my Halloween garb and replacing my black pants with my black skirt and the cool orange and black striped tights I bought in your store.

The package was marked that it fit women " 5'5" to 6'0" ", weighing between 145 and 190 pounds. Great.
Since I'm 5'4" or so, and around 155 pounds these days, I figured they'd fit well.

Instead, they were so short I couldn't get them up to my pupik without tugging mightily. I know that I'm high waisted, but they wouldn't even reach my waist. And of course, tugging mightily produced a lovely run.

The solid orange pair fit. Barely. But not smoothly enough to wear them comfortably during programs when I am doing stuff like "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes".

So I spent day 3, the last day of my programs once more in black pants and orange Crocs.

And the orange tights and the black and white ones are coming back to you tomorrow.

Thanks for nothing, Target.

Wearily after 6 programs,

The Library Lady


De said...

There is not a woman alive who won't be moved to rant about ill-fitting hosiery. Boo!

The Library Lady said...

I really hate tights apart from the aforementioned Capzios, which really move with me and are comfortable. Haven't been in the habit of wearing dresses/skirts to work in recent years except occasionally in summer, but thought this would be cool.

Oh, well.Wonder if I take the other 2 pairs back if they'll take the ones with the runs!