Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sweet Memories

It's just a standard Danish butter cookie tin. For all I know our cousin just dumped the bag of brown sugar he was giving us into it when he gave it to the Man.

But it came from Nanay's kitchen. And every time I've used it, I've thought about her, baking in her apartment kitchen, and felt the connection to her.

JR doesn't feel that connection. She never was close to Nay, not like SC was. It's my mother to whom she is firmly attached.

But JR has become a baker. And I know Nanay, wherever she is, would be tickled to see that JR has inherited the baking gene from all of us.

And the canister is big and heavy. I can't keep it on the counter, it's impossible for JR to get it from the pantry and it's hard to scoop sugar from it. I broke a measuring cup myself doing it this week!

So I've bought a nice OXO plastic container that fits neatly with the other OXOs we've recently acquired for the flours. It holds the sugar easily. It works well on the counter.

But I'm finding it very hard to do away with the canister that holds such sweet memories for me......

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