Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dear Mother of An Adorable Little Boy

When I first had your child at toddler programs and later at the 2 and up story time I wondered if he might be mildly autistic or suffer from attention deficit disorder.
But after 6 hellish months with him at my 3 and up story time I realized he just was a lively little boy who had never been disciplined much. And by the following fall, he was a great kid at my programs. Plus, he started going to a preschool with one of the best teachers I knew.

This fall you showed up with him and an adorable baby girl. And over the past 2 months it has become more and more obvious what was going on then, and now.

Plain and simple, you didn't want a boy, you didn't know what to do with a boy and now that you have a girl she is the center of your universe and he a satellite far out in space.

Remember last month, when we were out on the sidewalk outside the library, blowing bubbles and he disappeared?  Any sane mother (me included) would have been semi-hysterical, but your comment was "Oh, that kid!' and you were barely alarmed. I was searching for him more actively than you were.

But when I got inside and saw him running across the main entrance hall of the library and yelled his name (yes, it's a library, but he was out of control) he STOPPED. He walked over to me, took my hand, and stayed with me until we found you.

How about the other week, when he headed out the door and you barely noticed he'd gone again? When I went outside and got him (because you did nothing) and told him to come in and be with mom, he did so immediately.

Then today, we were all doing a craft, and he was walking out of the area and I asked him where he was going.
"Mommy wants me to go wash my hands,"he said.

You total asshole of a woman, you were ready to send him wandering off on his own to a men's bathroom in an urban library, filled with homeless and/or mentally ill types, where the bathroom is way back in a corner just beckoning to the first child molester who comes along!

Have you been watching the news today about Penn State? Do you care NOTHING for your child's safety.

You didn't want to put down your little princess--one of the mom's could have watched her so you could take care of your son, or you could've asked one of them to take him to the bathroom while you watched their kid!

Instead, I took him into our back area and helped him wash his hands at my work sink, then made sure he came back out to you.

And you didn't even notice--or bother to say "thank you".

You're a nice person--I think you mean well.
But you are neglecting your son, and I'm not always going to be around to get him back safely to you.

And he's a really nice kid, who deserves as much love and attention as you're lavishing on that little blob in pink.

Sadly yours,
The Library Lady
(who loves her daughters, but missed out on a son and would take yours in a minute)

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