Sunday, November 27, 2011

Things To Be Thankful For At the End of Thanksgiving Weekend

1)We were all tired and cranky we didn't do our usual halfway up to NY/stopover in PA Wednesday night so I didn't have to drive in the dark and the pouring rain.

2)It was sunny and clear on Wednesday and the trip to Lancaster County was easy, and our usual stopover places were amazingly uncrowded.

3)JR got sick in the car but there was a bag for her to get sick in, clean up was easy and she was fine for the rest of the weekend--just her carsickness thing.

4)The trip across I78 was a snap, we breezed across the GW Bridge and up the Henry Hudson Parkway  to my parents house.

5)Though I think the Thanksgiving dinner I cooked was better than the one my mom did, my dad was there to eat it instead of being in the hospital! And that's all that matters, when you get down to it!!

6)My parents loved the carrot cake cupcakes I baked, and though my mother wanted to know if I could have used (feh)non-fat cream cheese in the frosting, I caught her wiping up her plate w/her fingers :D

7)I got to go downtown with my family to Manhattan for the first time in a while! We wandered through the Christmas Market in Union Square, ate pizza at Patsy's and had a lovely walk through Grand Central Station.

8)Though I'm not fond of the Chinese food from the restaurant in Riverdale  my parents favor (it's bland stuff) I didn't get sick after eating it as I did several Thanksgivings ago (!)

9)My mother baked me one of the best birthday cakes w/my grandma's cocoa cake recipe ever.

10) My husband grabbed the package with the ring I wanted for my birthday and didn't let me know it had come until he gave it to me.

He gave me an inexpensive cladagh ring several years ago set with a turquoise. I loved it because I love cladaghs and because he got it for me--as I've said here before he's not good with gifts!

But the stone came out and I needed to replace it. My birthstone is a topaz, but in looking, I found this Russian amber, which I like even more, told him that's what I wanted and ordered it, sent to us with his name on the package. Never done anything like this before, but I love it! 

11)The girls gave me a wonderful card, and the Man added art and funny captions to it.

12)Though my brother-in-laws couldn't make it, we were able to take the Man's cousin and our niece out to lunch in Queens at the restaurant Nanay loved.

13)We had a flat tire! But I'm thankful, because it happened just after we left my parents house. We pulled into Van Cortlandt Park near the place where I used to go on pony rides. The Man and SC changed the tire for the spare, I called my father and he told me a nearby place where I could get it replaced and they were able to help us.

14)So we left late but we sailed through New Jersey with minimal traffic (something to be VERY thankful for on Thanksgiving weekend), had an easy stop at the wonderful new Delaware Welcome Center and got home by 11PM easily.

15) And today I had time to shop, get the car washed, and thanks to the wonderful weather was able to go out to my community garden plot and plant tulips and daffodils for spring!

16)Most of all, I'm thankful that we made it through Thanksgiving and I made it through celebrating (!) my 50th birthday!

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