Friday, January 13, 2012

That's Bad, That's Good, Or:If You've Got Triskaidekaphobia Now, You'll Be A Mess in 2013

As I've mentioned in posts over the years triskaidekaphobia is fear of the number 13, and I know a lot of people fear Friday the 13ths.

Things happened today that might have been considered bad luck by those folks. But each had a good side too:

1)The Man took his car in for an oil change and they discovered he needed a brake job. Bad news in terms of the fact that it was expensive. But good news in terms of the fact that it was discovered BEFORE he and SC head up to NYC tomorrow. Don't want to do a 250 mile each way trip that includes a lot of city driving with bad brakes!
2)I got stopped by a cop because I was going the wrong way on a 1 way street. Could have gotten a ticket. I explained that I was picking up JR from a friend's house, that the street was 2 way on the next block and I'd gotten confused and that I hadn't seen the one way signs in the dark.  And he let it go--this after also letting go the fact that I didn't have my license because I did have the car registration!

3)The gingerbread man cakes I was baking to send to my nephews and niece (still haven't sent their Christmas stuff!) lost various limbs as they came out of the pan. But they taste delicious anyway, especially with whipped cream on top, and the girls enjoyed their dessert!

So a pretty GOOD day all in all. And you triskaidekaphobiacs can breathe easy.

That is, until Friday the 13th in April that is..............


Life Line said...
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Life Line said...

Hmmm learn something new form the library lady I don't know how to read it then spell it. is it trisk-aide-kaph-o-biacs? oh well now I know their is a name for it..