Friday, March 30, 2012

Dear Parent of Kids At My Preschool Program

I am sort of amused that you rapped me for showing a 5 minute film at the end of yesterday's program.
Would you rather I had ended with a coloring sheet like some of my colleagues since I had no craft prepared?

Look, sweetie, it wasn't a Disney Princess bit, or some such thing. It was a lovely little live action adaptation of Marjorie Flack's "Angus and the Ducks", featuring an adorable Scottie dog and some real, quacking ducks.

 As the film ran, we talked about the action. We were anticipating what might happen when Angus got out of the house. We talked about how he felt when the ducks sort of charged at him.

We were BUILDING LANGUAGE SKILLS, for pete's sake. And I was introducing them to a book which happens to be on my shelf, though odds are you are probably one of my folks who never takes out any book, let alone this lovely old fashioned gem!

Before that we had read a fabulous non-fiction book about eggs and talked about what we saw in the pictures. We had had a fabulous time shaking eggs and dancing along with Laurie Berkner's "I Know A Chicken". AND we'd played a great guessing game with some foam eggs on my magnet board.

I didn't just throw any old film in to fill in some time. I picked (and I always do) films that fit the theme (or themes) we've been doing that day. And the films are usually Weston Woods, beautifully done versions of classic children's books.

"I could let them watch TV myself at home," you said.

Sure. But what do they watch? And do you sit there with theme every minute, raptly sharing the experience?
Sorry, I don't believe you do. I didn't, and I knew all the stuff you know about limiting screen time and was preaching it long before you were even thinking about having kids!

Again, when I show them a film, we are TALKING ABOUT THE FILM as it runs.
And most weeks I don't do a film. I do crafts. Crafts carefully selected so they do more than color in a few things or paste some pre-cut shapes!

And last week, when it was too beautiful for them to be sitting in the library, I did what you should have probably done rather than bringing them in for story time. 

I took them outside to play with bubbles and chalk. Simple, outdoor fun.

Glad you like my programs otherwise. Love having your kids there.


The Library Lady

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