Saturday, March 17, 2012

On My Own

I have just never been one to do things the usual way.  And this week has been no exception.

This week I have been at the Public Library Association conference in Philadelphia. But instead of staying with a million other librarians at one of the local hotels, instead of spending my  time schmoozing with colleagues and new acquaintances, I opted to stay about 60 miles out in Lancaster County in a hotel my family often stays at when we pass through this area. And I commuted in each day for the sessions.


Because the Philly hotels were damn expensive. Without a roommate they would have cost me about twice what the hotel here is costing--and there is no way I would have wanted a roommate. I haven't dealt with a roommate aside from the Man and my girls since 1981, and that's fine by me.

Even without a roommate, I'd have had little privacy at a hotel with lots of other librarians about. I'd have had more pressure to hang out with folks from my library.

Look, I like my new boss. I like our reference librarian. But they are 20 years my junior and childless and nice as they are, they don't get my life. I do get theirs, but it's not mine anymore and truthfully, I don't miss it.

 I don't have a ton of money to spend on restaurants and I don't drink--never did, because I just don't like alcohol.

And the thing is, this is the first time in 10 years that I've gone off on my own from the Man and the girls.The last time was the year my dad was having heart surgery. Not fun!

So it's a treat to me to get away from all my obligations, including the need to be social. And to just BE!

I've been out here, in the quiet country in my quiet hotel room. Got up early each morning and enjoyed the drive through the countryside. Came back each evening and feasted in my room on Amish goodies from local stores I know, watched stuff on the computer. Read a book or two.

After a day of the hustle and bustle of the conference, after the exhibit halls, after some really stupid stuff at some of the sessions --and a few good bits too--it's been lovely and tranquilizing to come home and just be here by myself.

On my own.

But I'm also glad that the Man and the girls are coming to join me here today!

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Carole said...

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