Thursday, March 08, 2012

Sympathy For Snow White's Stepmother

The Grimms fairytale and the Disney movie all paint Snow White's stepmother as vain and purely evil. But please look at it from her point of view.

Here she was, young and beautiful, the "fairest of them all".
And now she's no longer young. And along comes this girl, young and beautiful to steal that "fairest" crown from her.

I was 50 last fall.
I can see the gray hairs popping in.
I am fighting a weight gain that is apparently a symptom of menopause. And though I lost those pounds several years ago on Weight Watchers, it doesn't seem to be working now. I'm at the point where when I see Jennifer Hudson on my TV I want to say "Easy for you even if you didn't have the money and means to have someone cook your food and personal trainers--you're YOUNG!"

And then there is JR.

JR is almost 13 and has minimal acne. Her skin is smooth and clear. She has braces--but they will come off and she will have straight teeth and I bet she will not have cavities. Her hair is like mine used to be, but thanks to the fact that she has a curly haired mother, it is in better shape than mine was and is a lovely cascade of curls.

JR is slender the way I was at her age. I think she is physically active enough to escape the pounds that began to roll onto my middle in my late teens. She's stopped dancing, but moves with grace and ease.

And I have to look at my beautiful, delightful, heart-of -my -heart daughter every day, and in her I see myself as old and ugly.

Last night I was using our Wii Fit and she was watching--and I hate to have an audience--and she said something about what I was doing and I snapped at her and ended up going upstairs in tears.

And with a whole lot of sympathy for that "wicked" Queen, who didn't even have the comfort of the "fairest of them all" being her own beloved child.


enupoo said...

My daughters' youth and beauty just give me nachas ;-) And I am so excited about turning 50 next month. I'm a bit bizzah-lookin' ("a bit" may be a bit of an understatement) in my old age, but screw it, who cares? I am totally better than ever.

(Screw it, who cares - aka denial - is a really useful tool, IME.)

Hold you head high and love yourself for what you are!

And keep on dancing.

De said...

So this is what I have to look forward to? I'd have to deal with it already, except my daughter is only ten. I actually stopped getting my period last year, after increased suffering and trying to get answers from doctors who kept telling me that 44 was too young for menopause. I gain weight just thinking about eating, and I injure myself when I exercise. I went to the class poetry reading the other night and I was the only female in the room with white (or gray) hair. Even though I like the way it looks on me, it's a little tough to swallow.