Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Right Now...

SC is seeing a psychologist because she had suicidal thoughts (she seems better) and is stressed out to the wazoo over:
A)Breaking up with her boyfriend (in March, he did it)
B)Three AP exams coming up in the next 2 weeks
C)The SAT this Saturday
D)What's going on with me parents

JR is suffering from worry over her sister and her grandparents plus her own various teen angst. She won't be 13 for another 3 weeks but she's acting like one and it's not fun, though not as bad as SC at this age.

The Man is in a fury.Water is leaking down into our kitchen from the bathroom, the ceiling is falling apart and we are looking at several thousand $$ perhaps in costs.

I was supposed to go to NYC last week for my mom's chemo, but she's been getting rid of a nasty respiratory thing and couldn't have it.And while my mom is dealing with this she's also been dealing w/my dad who is in the nursing home up the street for rehab for a broken bone in his spine. AND he's not totally rational--don't know if it's his meds or Mom's situation or what else.

I had cancelled all my programs last week and then had to try and let people know that I WAS there this week and did programs. But I think I am really going up there on Sunday.

And while I'm gone the Man will have to deal with the contractor, the possibility of not being able to use the kitchen, the problem of what to do w/the cats while he and the girls are out of the house, SC's exams and all the rest of the stuff I normally deal with.A

This is NOT fun..........

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enupooo said...

{{{LL}}} Life sure can dish it out. Hope all improve.