Thursday, May 10, 2012


Mom is home. She's harder to care for than any 2 year old you've ever dealt with--and I've dealt with a lot--because I can't make her do what she should, only try to get her to agree to do so.

Dad isn't that great. Not eating well. Depressed. Confused. But delighted whenever Mom comes to be with him.

The contractor I found (thank you, Angie's List) for the kitchen is doing the work well, making the Man happy. New toilet installed. Leaks repaired. Now waiting for the walls to dry out so that plaster/drywall work can begin. JR says the house smells like her dirty gym clothes. There is mold. There is a cabinet that needs to be replaced. But we are making progress.

And tomorrow the Man and SC and JR are going to leave the house behind and let the cat sitter empty the dehumidifier and feed Bart and Bella.

They are coming to be with me for the weekend. JR is unsure she wants to come because come Monday they will go home and leave me here to be with my mother through chemo. But she also wants to come because I do have to stay here another week.

And they will be here tomorrow.

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