Monday, June 11, 2012

I Want Them, Not Their Money

My dad is in the hospital again. It was so bad Friday night that I was ready to hop a 3AM train to get there. And though most of his vital signs are now improving, his lungs still aren't. And he's confused. My mom had to go to the dentist today and yesterday he kept talking about how they'd manage to get him out of bed so he could go too--and when I tried to speak to him on the phone, he kept insisting either that I was just downstairs or that he was getting out and coming downstairs, so he'd see me in a few minutes.

My mom was at the dentist today and so was I. We commiserated. Her crown was replaceable, mine was not.
I need a dental implant. My high quality dentist wants $8K for the procedure.

I lost it. We are SO broke right now I have been moving emergency money to cover our overdraft. The plumbing/plastering/painting was over $2000.

They cut the cost to about $6K. A credit plan will cover that--though if I don't pay it off in a year or so, interest at a ripoff rate goes into effect. But that at least made it possible.

When I told my mom what was going on, she called back and offered to help with the money. "You'll be getting it anyway," she said.

I know from when I was last in NY that my mother probably has a large sum in her pension plan. There may be other accounts too. And my brother doesn't need their money. Odds are, my parents will leave it to me.

I don't want it.

Last year our staff nebbish, whom I've realized is almost certainly somewhere on the autism scale, started talking about how much money he'd get when his parents died. He clearly had no idea this wasn't the sort of thing you talked about publicly, even if you felt that way.

And I don't. I looked at him and said "I hope my parents live forever and that they die broke!"

I still do.

As helpful as whatever they might leave me would be--and it would help--I'd rather see it used for them.
I'd rather have more time with my parents than any sum of money.
Money can't buy the love we have from them.

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WifeMomTeacher said...

I so know what you are saying. I now have my parents' furniture. I would rather have them.