Wednesday, June 06, 2012

It's June and I AM Still Here

Didn't blog about JR's thirteenth birthday. My baby is THIRTEEN and I was too tired to write about how wonderful she is.

Didn't blog about the 4th anniversary of losing Nanay. Which hurts as much as ever. It was especially poignant this year as we marked it on Memorial Day, the day when we remembered Tatay too, our lost soldier.

Didn't blog about the continuing chaos of our kitchen. The plumbers fixed the leaks but there's still a hole in the wall of the bathroom. The Man covered it with a clear plastic sheet until they can come and tile it, but at least everything in the bathroom is working. And the plaster/paint team performed miracles in our kitchen. In a single afternoon all the falling paint and plaster was removed, the molds cleaned, the holes sealed and everything smoothed down. Two days later, the kitchen was painted in an afternoon. It looks better than it did BEFORE the flooding because they painted the whole kitchen including the areas left unpainted several years ago after we had our washer/dryer put in!  We're still waiting on a wall cabinet to replace the damaged corner one, and none of the wall cabinets are in. The pot rack is still not reinstalled. There are still boxes all over the living room with pots and pans and utensils and my plastic storage containers and the contents of the corner pantry cabinet.

Haven't blogged about the work I've been doing to renovate the children's room at the library or ranted about people who let their babies chew on magnetic foam letters (really). 

Haven't blogged about everything that happened in New York. About the circle of hell nursing home and the even deeper circle of hell  urban emergency room my father endured.

And haven't blogged about the joys and sorrows of dealing with my mother, of how hard it was for her to let me take care of her, of the wonderful care she got through her chemotherapy.

I may write more about all of these. I probably need to.

But my kitchen is in enough order that I can cook and bake and we can all sit together at the table again. My children's room looks great and I am back doing programs.  My girls are getting through the end of school--things have gotten better for both of them.

And my father's depression seems to be lifting and he hopefully will get things done in therapy so he can come home.

And above all, chemotherapy caused my mother's white blood count to drop from an alarming level to a near normal one.  There is hope for remission.

It's June, and I'm still here blogging even if no one is reading this.
And I hope to blog a lot more about things good and bad in the weeks to come.....


De said...

I'm sure there are readers, unless I am a figment of my own imagination. We're just juggling our own lives and hoping you feel our far-away good vibes.

You didn't mention your garden. That's a big part of "you," too. We've been having fun and games with a family of ground hogs.

The Library Lady said...

I know you read, De and a few other people and I appreciate that!

There's a bit on my peas on the food blog now. Planted 12 tomato plants and 6 peppers this week and know they look puny compared to my neighbors, but they ARE there!