Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I think the "derecho" storm in June took care of all the branches that might have come down during Hurricane Sandy. All we had was lots of rain and winds.

The Man went out on duty on Monday and despite the storm, came home Monday night. He went back to work on Tuesday but was allowed to come home early.

 Meanwhile the girls, the girl cats and I lolled at home. We didn't lack for a thing, since I knew about the upcoming storm early (weather junkie) and had shopped Friday morning. The power held--we don't live in the fancy part of town, but our neighborhood of townhouses has underground wires!

Last night, having done next to nothing during the day, I rushed about making a carrot cake for work and one for home, cookies that SC was supposed to make for a school party (grr) and a stir fry dinner, something else she was supposed to do, but the Man hadn't cleaned the wok, so I just did it in a skillet. And the girls pretty much made their own jack-o-lanterns. The Man didn't do his usual--too tired, I guess.

Today the girls are in school, I did double sized Halloween programs (lots of my Tuesday patrons showed up today as well) and am planning on going home, setting up some of the Halloween decor, and seeing if anyone comes to trick or treat. The girls aren't going and are talking about just going for a walk, why I have no idea(!)

Anyway, here is Miss Molly, enjoying her first Halloween.

Hoping yours is equally great, but most of all that it is dry and warm where you are and that the lights are on!

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