Friday, October 19, 2012

I Will Never Forget "Romnesia"

I got there at 9AM.

The line stretched through the wooded paths and along the dorms. It stretched for close on half a mile, I'd guess.

Nine thousand people. Old and young. All races and backgrounds. As I commented on a Facebook page (and apparently got the most "likes" for my comment!) "It looks like America"

An hour and a half of walking and waiting. And then, finally, through the metal detectors and down to a playing field.

It was crowded. So many tall people holding cell phones and cameras up high, blocking the way. No screens to watch as is often the case at outdoor events.

I ended up encountering several patrons I like and their little girls. But as the girls got fretful and time passed, I edged away and found a spot near a fence close to the stage. Those of us in that corner had a view of various black limos and SUVs. He was somewhere near.

And then,  about 3 hours after I got there, he was on the stage, and while I didn't have a perfect view, I could see him, and I could be there in the crowd.

The long wait was worth it. Because I was there for this--and it was the first time he'd said it!

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