Saturday, December 22, 2012

Going "Home" For Christmas

We're leaving tomorrow morning.We'll load up the car with our stuff, including a turkey, because I screwed up ordering the PeaPod order early enough and my mom wants the turkey there tomorrow.

We'll be there. We hope to see my brother-in-laws who are still there and we WILL see our niece.

But everyone else is scattered--here in Virginia, up in Buffalo. Nowhere to gather in NYC anymore.

As for my brother and his family--off again. I don't even know where--a hockey tournament in Canada, or perhaps their house in Pennsylvania.  I just know they won't be there--not even in Brooklyn.

The girls, the Man and I will be with my mother.

And it's no longer fun to go home. And I wish I could just curl up at home in my bed and forget about the holidays altogether...

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De said...

Sounds like you need a nice long rest. Hope you find a way to get one. Want to talk with you soon for advice on a vacation we are planning in August to include DC and the MD or VA coast.