Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Mom Is A REAL Heroine

Dear Robin Roberts,

I am glad that you have been able to return to "Good Morning America" six months after being diagnosed with MDS. I wish you well in your recovery.

But you are a very lucky person.

You are young enough to have been able to have a bone marrow transplant. You have money to pay for everything you need. You had millions of people praying for you, supporting you.

My mom has MDS. She's 80--no chance of a transplant. She's had round after round of chemo, which seem to be keeping things at bay, but that's pretty much all that can be done.

She's done it mostly on her own. I went with her for the first round, but I'm 250 miles away. Her son lives nearby, but virtually never visits.

And my dad, her partner of 50 years, is gone.

She's there, mostly alone, fighting this disease.

She has an aide now,but that's because she broke her leg in the summer and has had to recover from that as well. Before that she wouldn't have accepted any help.

There's no chef to cook for her. There's no constant presence at her side. There's no limousines to drive her to and from her treatments--just cabs and the city's unreliable Access A Ride.

No one is cheering for her. No one is splashing her in the media as a heroine the way they are doing for you.

But she is a REAL heroine. All the folks out there, quietly going through things like this are heroes and heroines.

You're just a media figure.

The Heroine's Proud Daughter.

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